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Why Transporting Construction Waste in Your Car is Unwise and Unsafe

If you are planning to transport construction waste from a recent home renovation to a waste facility in your car, you should reconsider. Construction waste is heavy and awkward. This could put a severe strain on your car, especially if the roads on the way to the waste facility are in poor condition.

As such, if you don't own a trailer or truck, you consider other ways of getting your construction waste to the local waste facility. Otherwise, you could encounter one or more of the following costly, not to mention dangerous, problems.

You Could Cause a Blowout

Do you know how much weight your car can bear before it becomes dangerously overloaded? Cars are not designed to transport heavy loads, such as bricks, soil and renovation debris. If you pack your car full of renovation waste, the excess weight will put massive strain on your car's tyres and suspension. This increases the chances of one of the tyres blowing out.

A blowout could cause you and your overloaded vehicle to crash. Therefore, you aren't just putting your own life at risk, but the lives of other motorists, too.

Uneven Weight Distribution Causes Instability

Are you sure that you can load your car with heavy construction waste and keep it stable while driving to the waste facility? Renovation waste is difficult to balance when it is crammed into the back of a car. This means that turning your vehicle will be more difficult.

This means you will either have to drive more slowly than usual, or risk tipping your car over when turning.

Braking Will Be More Difficult

Unless you are crawling along the road with your overloaded car, which is risky in itself, merely braking could put you and other motorists in danger. Not only will you need to brake earlier, but you will also have to ensure that your renovation waste doesn't crash about in the back of your car.

Is it really worth it just to save money? A better option would be to hire a skip bin.

Skip Bin Hire Is Safer and Faster

Rather than put yourself and other drivers in danger, you should hire a skip bin. That way, you need only throw your construction waste into your nearby skip bin when you are done with your home renovations. You can also arrange for your skip bin to be picked up whenever you plan to be finished.

Although you will have to pay for skip hire, you won't be putting you and your car at risk — something that could end up costing you much more in terms of money and time.