How Homeowners Can Play Their Part In Environmental Conservation


Everything You Need to Know About Rainwater Tanks

Harvesting rainwater not only helps you conserve water but saves on water bills as well. It also guarantees a continuous water supply, especially when your water needs are high. If you are planning on harvesting rainwater, you require a way to harvest it (a water catchment area) and a place to store the rainwater (rainwater tank). Hiring a rainwater harvesting special

Industrial Renovation? Could Asbestos Be an Issue?

Analysts believe that asbestos is still present in thousands of buildings across the country. Although it presents little risk if left undisturbed, it's definitely a major consideration whenever renovation or demolition is on the cards. Asbestos can represent an even bigger threat in an industrial facility, and if you are about to renovate an older property, you will

Critical Services to Look for in an Independent Air Quality Consultant

Air quality in a commercial facility is crucial to the productivity of employees. Therefore, it is the facility manager's responsibility to ensure the air in the building is safe. Hiring independent air quality consulting services is the first step to achieving this objective. However, you need to be careful with your choice of service provider because some do not off

What Is Covered in Workplace Fire Warden Training?

Since the introduction of Australian Standard 3745-2010 — which covers the planning for emergencies in all sorts of facilities — came into force, fire warden training has become much more extensive. It is always worth booking yourself onto a fire warden training course that is nationally accredited so that you are equipped with all of the skills and knowledge required

Three Things You Must Know About Asbestos

Asbestos is one of the most dangerous materials to ever be used in construction, and for a long time, it caused serious health issues for thousands of Australians and millions across the world. Still to this day, asbestos can be dangerous as it is found in many houses that were built before the 1990s across the country. However, most people won't even know what asbest